The world’s first wine glass contoured to fit your face !

This week, Wine a moment find you a new way to taste your wine… So have a look to our article and let’s try this new innovative glass !!!! 


Appearing sinisterly similar to a gas mask, the mask conforms to your face and reportedly increases the perceptibility of aromas and flavours in your glass of wine.

Part functional and part novelty, The glass is designed to concentrate the smell of fruits, spices, herbs and flowers in the wine while controlling the flow of oxygen.



The nozzles on the front of the glass are said to reduce the flow of oxygen and nitrogen in the air and increase their velocity, which “lifts more wine vapors off the surface enriching the aroma and flavour”, according to Piatt.


The Wine Glass Mask has a $78,000 target of funding and the campaign is due to end on 4 March, so Piatt hasn’t got long to reach his goal. If successful, he will start selling the clear glasses at $25 a pop in June, with a blue version costing $30. Each glass can hold up to 266ml of wine.


Piatt promises that the glasses can be molded into an ergonomic shape that fits your face. Indeed, the glass was made using 3D solid modelling software via a process where molten glass is pressed into a five part mold.

And Piatt boldly claims “your wine drinking experience will never be the same”!!!

Those interested in funding the campaign can do so here 🙂


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